New Concept Services

Comprehending and Conceptualizing.

This WIK Concept Service is used to kick-off new product ideas. Whatever is required to consider and leads to proof-of-concept is part of this service. This adaptive team environment allows customers to achieve their specific needs and to create/evaluate his specific new concepts.
Today's fast-changing world requires new ideas and solutions instantly. Our ability to connect with the creative and high-tech community (read more) has a critical impact on the success of future product differentiation factors.

  • Easy access to creative resources and new technologies
  • Consulting + technical design + industrial design competences - all under one roof
  • Expertise thanks to a good mix of young and experienced professionals

Concept Consulting

  • Business plan, business model, M&A target creation/evaluation
  • Start-Up financing plan
  • Market analysis and strategy development
  • Patent management (research, analysis and strategy)
  • Benchmarking studies
  • Product roadmap workshop, including timing and resource planning
  • Leading ideation sessions and workshops for idea validation
  • Industrial design vision creation
  • Evaluation functions, features for product definition
  • Pre-development-user-tests, acceptance panel-tests
  • Technology investigation, evaluation and adaptation strategy
  • Product industrialization strategy and process optimization
  • Project / business risk assessment

Concept Development

  • From concept design (2D/3D) to concept release
  • System, building-block and component
  • New technology adaptation
  • Feasibility studies
  • Early cost calculation and estimates
  • Pre-development industrial design
  • Functional or design prototypes
  • Rapid prototyping, rapid tooling, silicone molding, 3D printing: FDM, SLS, STL
Concept performance analysis
Automatic curler
Footbath concept
Business Evaluation Model