Tai Lam Country Park Plantation Enrichment Program

In Tai Lam Country Park, Hong Kong, in cooperation with the Conservancy Association (CA), WIK staff members planted 80 native tree species seedlings
As part of the WIK Regenerative Programs, the Conservancy Association (CA) collaborated with 20 members of staff from WIK Hong Kong to implement an impactful ecosystem project. On May 15, 2021, they planted 80 seedlings of native tree species, such as Eurya chinensis, Sapium discolor, Polyspora axillaris, Daphniphyllum oldhamii, and others. The project also included activities focused on tree care, such as weed removal, measurement, and growth recording. Additionally, 10 seedlings were replanted on May 28, 2022. Continuous close monitoring of the seedlings' growth condition is being conducted after the tree planting phase.
To ensure the project's success, the dedicated staff members from WIK Hong Kong returned to the site to carry out further seedling care and growth monitoring. This commitment demonstrates their ongoing dedication to positively impacting the ecosystem. The project's trajectory involves closely monitoring the growth condition of the seedlings, ensuring their well-being, and fostering their long-term development.

The program involves the following steps:
First, a study is conducted to assess the distribution of tree species within the woodland and collect ecological baseline data.
Second, exotic species are strategically removed to minimize their negative impact on the ecosystem.
Third, native species are planted to restore biodiversity and improve the ecosystem. Fourth, regular tree monitoring and care activities, such as fertilization and weeding, are performed.
Fifth, ecological surveys are conducted periodically to evaluate the program's effectiveness. Overall, the PEP requires a time commitment of 5-10 years for the seedlings to grow and achieve the enrichment objectives.
Species of the Seedlings planted
Eurya chinensis Gardenia jasminoides Ilex viridis Lithocarpus harlandii Machilus breviflora Melastoma malabathricum Myrica rubra Photinia benthamiana Photinia raupingensis Rhaphiolepis indica Syzygium hancei


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