Technology attuned to Nature

We believe that it is of utmost importance to evolve Technology to a point where it aligns with the infinitely sophisticated equilibrium of Earth's Nature.

The time for an evolution in technology is now.
Our Vision is a global manufacturing industry that positively impacts the environment, communities, and the planet, enabling full circularity and driving change towards a regenerative future for our natural environment, individuals, and communities.

A new world is emerging, reconnecting business with social and planetary health, where businesses regenerate value in ecosystems. We leverage our expertise and capability to design and produce electronic products and components for industry-leading brands, thereby accelerating the industry towards our vision of a fully sustainable and circular future.


To merge Nature and Technology, so that the future natural world will flourish.
WIK is emerging as a key driver in transforming the most influential human activities regarding our ecosystems, shifting them away from consumption to regeneration. As a result, WIK is shaping an economy free from ecological guilt. WIK is establishing the groundwork for future generations, empowering them to cultivate a genuine sense of self-worth as the custodians of thriving ecosystems worldwide.


To be an accelerator of a fully regenerative economy, enriching both peoples’ lives and the natural world.
We are on a mission to develop cutting-edge solutions that not only improve the lives of our customers and end-users but also have a positive impact on our planet, ecosystems and society. WIK designs products and services that give back to the world more than they consumed in their business processes and by doing so create a better place for future generations to come.

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Sustainable Circularity

Sustainable Circularity

Created from single used plastics collected by our communities

FTS Rescued Plastic®

We use innovative technologies in alignment with nature


Regenerative Program & Project

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