Regenerative Programs

We are dedicated to forging a positive impact, thereby going above and beyond our business requirements. Through a comprehensive range of Regenerative Programs, we connect our operations with meaningful initiatives that drive change and foster a more sustainable future for our society and planet as a whole.
At WIK, we are deeply committed to restoring and preserving our natural ecosystems while thereby also benefitting the local society and economy. Our Regenerative Programs embody our dedication to creating a better world: while we create businesses and products that already have a truly regenerative impact by themselves, we do not want to stop here.
Through these programs, we actively engage with the environment and local populations, fostering mutual growth and sustainable development.
At our core, we believe that by embracing sustainability and circularity, we can pave the way for a brighter, greener, and more responsible world that all individuals thrive in.
Highlights of our Current Programs
WIK Mangrove Program WIK Forestation Program WIK Climate Positive Program WIK Natural Gardens Program WIK Clean Water & Literacy Program WIK Local Community CSR Program WIK Material Research Program WIK C2C Program WIK Free The Sea Program

Dive Deeper into our Regenerative Program highlights

Our local WIK teams are bound by common values to make real change in the world through local projects such as our Forestation Program
Through our ongoing material research, we develop technologies that enable fully circular products
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Free the Sea is a regenerative program that will change the way the world thinks about plastic waste
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At Free The Sea, plastic waste is collected and transformed into compounds that can be used for Circular Products.
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