Education Project, Shenzhen

In 2023, our efforts will focus on supporting three rural public primary schools. Each of our three teams will work diligently to improve the study environment and conditions in their respective schools.
We are expanding our philanthropic efforts by sponsoring an additional group of primary students in Heyuan City, Longchuan county, Guangdong province, after having supported 50 high school students from the rural Sichuan province in previous years.
Our management team conducted an onsite assessment of the schools and surrounding areas in Longchuan county to understand the conditions firsthand. The rural setting is vastly different from the well-equipped schools that their colleagues' children attend at in Shenzhen.

The schools in the area are in poor condition, with old buildings, damaged classrooms, and a lack of resources, such as books. We aim to involve the entire company in supporting and empowering these children by organizing various activities and initiatives.

Although primary education is technically free in China, underprivileged families in the village must pay a miscellaneous fee of RMB 1,200 per student per year. For many of them, this is an amount they can hardly afford. This is why we will provide financial support to those most in need. Our local teams empathize deeply with their circumstances, reminding all of us of the struggle for a better education to overcome poverty.
Key Facts
Expansion of philanthropic efforts in 2023 to sponsor primary students in Heyuan city, Longchuan county, Guangdong province. Onsite assessment conducted by management team to understand the poor conditions of schools and lack of resources. Underprivileged families will be supported financially, as they struggle to afford the miscellaneous fee of RMB 1,200 per year per student, despite primary education being free in China. WIK aims to involve and inspire the entire local workforce in supporting and empowering the children through various activities and initiatives.

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