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Welcome to the WIK Supplier Portal. Here, you can find information about the Locations of our current Suppliers, read our Supplier Code of Conduct (SCoC) and find more information on our Grievance Mechanism alongside the possibility to submit a report.
Read our Supplier Code of Conduct (ScOC)

Supplier Locations

WIK is aware that a large share of its supplier base is located in high to very high human right risk countries. The resulting responsibility leads to taking human right risks seriously and treatment under high prioritization.

WIK uses acknowledged databases like the Social Hotspot Database (ShDB) to assess the risks in the respective areas and industries. These risks are then prioritized and suitable preventive mechanisms defined and implemented and followed up among the supply chain and own business areas. Our supply chain is externally monitored by social audits like SMETA and internally against our standards. Starting in 2023 we will collect even more data from our supplier on relevant topics in the field of sustainability and social fairness. Non conformity with our standards will lead to countermeasures, training and education and in case of failure consequently to out phasing of non-compliant supplier.
Austria 3
Bulgaria 1
China 257
Germany 10
Indonesia 24
Italy 1
Malaysia 4
North Macedonia 11
Poland 1
Republic of Korea 2
Romania 1
Serbia 1
Singapore 17
Switzerland 4
Thailand 1
Turkey 2
United Kingdom 2

All data is subject to change and might not reflect the status quo of the current day.

Grievance Mechanism

All communications /mails/given information are treated strictly confidential, handled/followed that reported case by the third party, and directly report to top management team.
Incident Overview 2022
Total: 3 Internal: 2 External: 0 Private: 1 Average processing Time: 63,5 days

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